Friday, August 29, 2008


How to conserve water?

all know that water is one of the most important thing in the world and the most useful thing in every day's’ activity. Some people waste and some are conserving it. How does water help us and how do people waste it. I will share you this.
Out of 100% percent, there are only 15% whose conserving water. Do you believe in that? Well, that’s true… There are almost 65 gallons a day that were waste because of leaking faucets, brushing teeth while the faucet is on, a leaking shower and improper usage of water.

You! You people can help conserving it and can help your self!

Like a use water from a wash dishes could also used for the plants and flowers. Fixing the broken outlets of faucets, turning off the water meter at night before going to sleep, using used water in cleaning the car or by using a pale, brushing teeth with the use of glass & taking a bath using a pale.

That are some tips in conserving water and helping you with your water bill.

Be wise! I know you can. Let’s help the world!

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