Saturday, August 30, 2008



Sometimes, its really hard to forget someone who have been a part of us. Memories really remains in our heart. Sometimes its hard to understand things beyond our expectations. We could not understand things unless we are not tested by faith…

Things really comes back into your lives unless you will not learned into it. "KARMA" is always present.

Why when we does good, we are blame wrong? Why when we are faithful, we are heckled? Why when we love, we are hurt.

Sometime, we tend to revenge! But wait… All things are given for a reason. Even us we have each purpose in living in this astonishing world and reasons why no one exist!

But i know for sure; we may never get all we wanted and i know it’s all for the best!!!

So get up! Learn from your own mistakes and do the right thing you think is right! Your matured enough to distinguished right and wrong! tremble in God! Do good, live life the way God wants you to be. And unceasing joy will be yours!

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