Friday, August 29, 2008



In an emergency, a person’s life depend on how quickly people near him think and act. and we must have some idea of what to do when they come upon a person who is badly injured or ill.

And first aid is the help first given.

*if you’re with an ill person, the first thing to do is to see whether he has injuries that need immediate care. There are 3 types of injuries that must be treated at once:

- severe bleeding


First aid for bleeding

the first thing to do is to fall and graze your knee so it may bleed slightly and will stop and lately form a scab. But if you cut yourself on something such a broken glass, it may bleed much more.

First aid for unconscious

if you shake someone or speak to him when asleep, he gonna wake up, but if a person looks as if he sleep but cannot wake him, then he is unconscious for some reason that he is ill.

if an unconscious is lying on his back, his tongue fall back in his throat and cause him to choke.

-so he must be rolled over on his side and placed i what is known as the recovery position.

turn his head to 1 side so that his mouth and nose will be clear. Bend the leg (at the knee) and the arm (at the elbow) upwards on the side the person is facing and see to it that the person’s mouth is clear.
If he has a false teeth then take them out.


If there is an accident and someone badly injured, he needs treatment from a doctor. But before you run for help, first aid is the best thing to do.

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