Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Women Are The Best!

Who would not agree?

Women are really great in all things. (Why not?) They are:
  • Much responsible in all things (in family, relatives, friends and even into their love one's)
  • They are more attentive than guys in the instance of caring the children.
  • They are great friend when a child had a problem.
  • They are liable when one got sick.
  • They are more clued-up in home activities, taking care of the family, food, and even liable in budgeting savings.
  • They are industrious even how tired they felt the work could be.
  • They cared of well their husband.
  • They are much great in surviving pregnancy for about 9 months holding it, and surviving the half life death.
They are precious gift ever created by God that should cared, loved and respect.

But why some men do them like toys? (A toy for fun?)
That when they were disgusted they would just leave them and find another?

World has a big changes right now! Instead of changing wrong from right in living longer here, it's now getting worst!

Save your self! Pray for your self!
There's a chance! It's not yet the end...
Why don't we try living unique like no others do.
Living in this astonishing world with confidence in setting it right and living here the way God wants you to be...

Sunday, October 26, 2008


It’s no joke Being a Woman

when i was just a little girl i asked my mother what i will i be?

will i be rich?
will i be pretty?

here’s what she said to me.
whatever wil be the future not ours to see.

one day after sometime of not bothering to check my email, i opened it and was surprised to see an avalanche of woman issues.

reading through then, I giggle because it ticklish I cry because its sad. I understand because I can relate to it. and I agree because its true..

Take a look of the emails sent to me…


I pray for wisdom to understand my man, for love to forgive him for patience for his moods. because if I pray for strength , ill just beat him to death..

this may elicit laughter at first glance but woman shall always pray for strength , not to kill, but to be able to stand for her man, family, friends, neighbors and lastly for herself..

A woman shall give to and give up everything for her family or for anyone she loves…

Monday, October 6, 2008

(GOD) My Greatest BestFried

Each individual has its own beliefs and perceptions. We may differ in religions, dialects, laws and name of our savior but we just have one God.

Don't you ever wonder? Or had some questions about Jesus and whose God? How Bout the father? Did God leave us? How great God for you?

Do God lack something more? myspace graphic comments

- for me he never! Instead he gave everything to me the love, life, smiles, help, greatest friend, inspirations, my greatest family and friendships.

God give us everything, we just neglect him and didn't think of his worth. That is why, we don't even know he care for us and really love us.

He made everything for us... He sent Jesus Christ to save us...