Friday, August 29, 2008


Who is your HERO?

I am proud to say that he is my hero!!!

All of those memories would still remain in my heart!!!

All of those sacrifices he made for us! there is no points to forget it!

Those sweats just to give us at least 3 times a day, those air he breath just to be with us longer…emoticon

His face, his nose, his eyes, his smiles, his walk, his standing position, his lessons, his love, his caress! He gave everything for us! He made a lot of sacrifices! A true hero here in my heart!

Someone who never know to scold us or even hurt us!

When we still young my mother is so unfair! She never gave us equal with my youngest sister in an instance of food! But my great father gave his part so no more trouble. But I feel pity so sometimes I just divide it into two and gave him the other part…

One night…

My father told me to wipe his back with a wet towel. I never thought it would be the last time i could serve him.emoticon I did not follow him because I'm making my assignment at that time.. I want to finish everything before proceeding to another task.

I just take it for granted!

When tomorrow come he began to feel weak, he don't even eat! Thats why i scolded him.

But his too weak, really weak. After a days later, he just sit on his bed because he cannot breath enough! He tried to fight!! He really tried!!! I know...emoticon

I told my mother to send him in the hospital!

But my mother doesn't care enough!!! I feel hate of her!! She still think for the money that are going to spend and the food, she never realized my poor father’s feeling…

Another day came, before he died, my mother supposed to send him because he was scolded by my 2 brothers!!

My mama and my younger sister send him at KAPALONG DISTRICT HOSPITAL since when we don't have enough money at that time…

I hate all the nurses and the doctors here in KAPALONG DISTRICT HOSPITAL! I hate them all!

They just left my father, didn't care him, just neglect my pity father!

If I'm just strong enough to fight! I would kick them all in there chairs! to let them know that there someone waiting for there help!

But where are they? huh!

They are too late when they come!

My father is in critical condition…

My sister is the only one left there! because my mother come back early in the morning to go to work! How she think? I hate my mom too! But I'm helpless! No matter I feel hate and no matter how bad she is, she still my Mother! The one who show me the world!

Maybe I just misunderstood her, but still i love my mom so much!!!

For me, all of those memories will remain forever in my heart.

I could not forget my real hero!! my greatest hero in my whole life!!!

I am bless i have him!!! the one who truly loves us!!! my very great father!!!

my FATHER!!!

I miss him so much!!!

Love you always pa!!!

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