Friday, February 27, 2009


Life seems so tough, full of circumstances, full of hardship. Sometimes other may also penetrate with my personal life. I have learned to sacrifice and fight.

Typically, I love people who love, care, and understand me. I have found someone who do better of those things. He give his best for me! My MARK ANTHONY LAYUG! The person i have loved more than my life! :)

I think i have almost suffered the feelings of a loser of which being fooled, being backer of one of the man i have loved too before Mark came into my life. Now, i think my heart is as hard as a stone. Trust were vanish by the heartaches and of being ham-fisted because of love.

I have said once, I will no longer love again but it didn't turn out. I have realized every journeys has its surprises, unexpected things you don't really expect to happen.

I have lots of questions. I can only think possible advices with others problem but not in mine? There are just things I can't give up as easily, things I don't really expect to happen.

I thought he would be my last. I know i have promised it but his the one who secluded little by little. Maybe i just don't understand Him but he have to understand me too...

I keep on when he has left me alone because I love Him so much i just think its just obstacles for us to survive. I was being strong by his care, love and with his PROMISES. A promises that has been broken. :(

His kind, his so protective, he is such a good man.. He never want me to be happy. Faith separate us but i still hold on cause I know within my Heart i can survive because his there for me. He never left me alone, he never let me feel that i am alone.

But people whom I thought who loved me and will support me is the one who down me.

It's just now i have experience true love, a real relationship.

An unexpected love, which has also had an unexpected ending.. :(

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