Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I thought going to college is as easy as I think of. But i am wrong. I learn to walk and sit all alone in a ceiling.
So scared talking somebody whom i didn't know yet. I even learned to go somewhere without anybody to talked with.
Sometimes, i getting afraid of making any decisions which i constantly do when i am in high school. Hehe.. that's life! You must learn to stand on your own... Just a test of life, trying to make you strong more and more.
You will noticed that each of us have different personalities, fully mixed of everything.
You will even afraid of talking with them, for an anticipation that they might just ignore you. hahaha...
You will learn to be brave in everything. You need to be more alert and aware of the things happening around you.
It is just like forgetting your self. And forget your own self turn you into losing the whole you...
Loving one self mold you more as a person.
Being genuine is the best key.
College life help me recognized my self more and more.
Having in college is mixed of anxiety, happiness, courage, help you make the better YOU...

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