Sunday, October 26, 2008


It’s no joke Being a Woman

when i was just a little girl i asked my mother what i will i be?

will i be rich?
will i be pretty?

here’s what she said to me.
whatever wil be the future not ours to see.

one day after sometime of not bothering to check my email, i opened it and was surprised to see an avalanche of woman issues.

reading through then, I giggle because it ticklish I cry because its sad. I understand because I can relate to it. and I agree because its true..

Take a look of the emails sent to me…


I pray for wisdom to understand my man, for love to forgive him for patience for his moods. because if I pray for strength , ill just beat him to death..

this may elicit laughter at first glance but woman shall always pray for strength , not to kill, but to be able to stand for her man, family, friends, neighbors and lastly for herself..

A woman shall give to and give up everything for her family or for anyone she loves…

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